New Music Tuesday: NFG and Cartel

New Found Glory released their album – Radiosurgery – today! NFG has been one of my favorite bands for at least 10 years now. My teen angst is probably what got me interested in them in the first place, but they’ve been able to successfully hold my attention and keep me singing along. I guess they’ve evolved into poppier punk, but so has my taste in my “old age.” They’re my feel good band. And from what I’ve previewed from this album, they come through again with another fantastic album. Definitely check it out!


Another of my favorite bands – Cartel – released their new album today as well – In Stereo EP. Cartel is one of my few post-college new bands I still listen to. Another pop/punk/alternative favorite, this album seems to be another winner. The EP is only about 15 minutes long and it’s the same thing you’d expect from a Cartel album. Nothing too wild and crazy or out of the ordinary, but still worth the download and listen.