INDi Custom Jeans

Who’s heard of INDi Custom Jeans? Yeah, me neither. But it’s awesome.

I discovered this place a little over a year ago when it was one of the daily deals that Mamapadia was doing. You could get custom jeans for $75, which was more than 50% off. Yes, pick yourselves off the floor. Their custom jeans cost a minimum of $155, but I think it’s more like $175 now. Gasp.

I do not spend that much on my jeans. Ever. But, my mom was looking for gift ideas for birthday, Christmas, etc. So, I sent her the deal, and sure enough, she bought three: one for me, one for her, and one for my sister.

She got hers right away and was very pleased with the outcome. They get specific and ask not only your measurements, but the shape of certain body parts, your usual size, if jeans typically gape in the waist, etc. It’s quite thorough. But in addition to those details, it truly allows you to customize your jeans so they’re unique to you. You can choose the style, wash, pocket style, thread color, type of fly, width of the hem…

I just ordered mine the other day. I waited so long because I wanted to lose my baby weight and get back to my body’s comfortable and usual size. I’m there now so figured I might as well do this before the thing expires in a few months.

I’ll let you know the outcome once the jeans arrive, but so far, I think this concept is pretty awesome. Like I said, I wouldn’t typically spend that amount of jeans, but this was a special treat.

Would you try something like this? What are the perfect jeans worth to you?

Pajama Jeans

I want to hate these, but I can’t. It is snuggie-esque, but I don’t care. Why didn’t anybody think of pajama jeans sooner? I’ve always been that girl who goes home and immediately puts on sweats. I just love being comfortable. When I got pregnant, I made a bad habit of going out in public wearing hoodies and comfy pants. I was undoubtedly an embarrassment to my wonderful husband who never complained (out loud or to my face). And sadly, I haven’t given up the habit post-pregnancy (sorry, Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s What Not To Wear).

I feel like pajama jeans would allow me to be comfortable while still looking socially acceptable. So I can’t help but secretly want these. The only thing stopping me from buying these is that they’re almost $50 w/ shipping handling. Meh. Now if they were $20, I’d get like four pairs in a heartbeat…

…and just admit it, you want them, too.