Cupcake Art

A friend of my mine shared this blog with me today, and I thought it was too cute to not spread the word!

Those cupcakes really do look too good to eat! Well, maybe not…
…but they are adorable! I have the cookbook Hello Cupcake! which shows you how to decorate your cupcakes in the cutest ways ever. This blog reminds me of that. Cupcake decorating intimidates me, and the only one I’ve come close to replicating is the s’mores variety. Here was my attempt:

They certainly don’t look as great as the ones above, but they tasted amazing! I didn’t use a full marshmallow frosting, which is why it kind of melted when I took the torch to it. Oh well, it was my first attempt, and definitely not my last. Next time, hopefully they’ll be prettier but still just as delicious.