Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everybody has that one cause they really believe in, that holds a special place in their heart. This is it for me.

Not only is it an important cause for me as a woman, but it’s important to me as a sister, daughter, and granddaughter. In the last 15 years, breast cancer has hit my family three times. My grandma fought the battle and won twice, and my mom did once. Their journey’s are inspiring and they’re two of the most inspirational people in my life.

In 2009, my mom was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, which accounts for only 15% of all breast cancer diagnoses and has one of the poorest recovery and survival rates. My mom did indeed fight and survive, and for that, our family is eternally grateful. So, to honor her and her difficult journey, I decided to do that Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in June of 2010. I walked a marathon and a half for this cause along with my sister and two of my mom’s cousins. The experience was incredible — unlike anything I had ever done, and unlike anything I will ever do again. We documented our experience here. And here’s a video recapping the two toughest and most incredible days!