America’s Test Kitchen

Time sure is flying! I just had my first temporary single-parent week and am happy to announce that I survived. My husband was gone on a business trip and I think it was the most interesting week I’ve ever had. We all survived, though, and are looking forward to a little R&R this weekend.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to plug the awesomeness that is America’s Test Kitchen for awhile now. Not only do they have incredible recipes, but they produce the trust Cook’s Illustrated magazine/books, and their TV show is fun to watch and one of the more educational cooking shows out there. But that’s not why I’m writing about America’s Test Kitchen. I’m writing about it because you can sign up to be a recipe tester! No, I’m not kidding. You can sign up to test recipes for Cook’s Illustrated Magazine.

They send you a recipe, you test it within two weeks, and then you fill out a survey. It’s that easy. So far I’ve  received three recipes but was only able to make one. (That’s another thing – if you can’t make one, it’s no big deal.) Not only did it turn out incredible, but it’s a fun thing to be a part of. Full disclosure: I signed up hoping I’d get to try some incredible desserts. I haven’t received any dessert recipes to try yet, but I’m totally OK with that.

Herb-Crusted Salmon

Alright, you guys – go sign up and have an awesome weekend!