The Re-Fashionista

I think I’m late to the party when it comes to discovering the re-fashionisa blog. In any case, this lovely lady takes old or slightly damaged clothing and refashions them into really cute outfits. You can read her story here. She’s totally inspiring and has encouraged me to take the sewing machine out of my closet. I swear, in my next house I’ll have a sewing room…just you wait and see!

And this is what I want in my next house.

And this is what I want in my next house.

Shop for a Cause at Kohl’s

While checking my inbox this morning, I got a message from Kohl’s that caught my eye. Shop for a Cause. Well, I’m all for supporting good causes, and I do love to shop. This one caught my eye especially because of the cause: women’s health and the fight against breast cancer. It is something that has affected my family far too much for me to ignore. So, thank you Kohl’s for caring. 🙂

Learn more about Kohl’s Cares here.
Shop to support women’s health here.

INDi Custom Jeans: Part 2

I got my INDi custom jeans! It only took about 10 days from order to delivery. They promise 4 weeks, so I was pleasantly surprised when they showed up on my doorstep.

When I held them up, they looked like the jeans I remember designing and ordering, but they seemed to be shaped funny. Once I tried them on, though, they fit like a glove! I was amazed!

These jeans are the softest, most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. They have a bit of a stretch to them, but not so much where they feel and look stretched out after a full day of wearing.

The only thing I didn’t love about them was the fact that the rise was a little higher than I remember choosing. I went back to check, and sure enough, my jeans were spot on with the description, so that was my fault. What’s nice is that they have 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So, I could send back my jeans to have them fix the rise to my liking for free. I’m not going to, because it isn’t the end of the world for me. I’ll just make note of it when I order future pairs from there (and yes, I do plan on ordering more!).

Overall, what a fantastic idea and quality company. I’m lucky to not have a particularly difficult figure to fit, but I can only imagine how those guys and gals with problems finding jeans that fit would love this place.


INDi Custom Jeans

Who’s heard of INDi Custom Jeans? Yeah, me neither. But it’s awesome.

I discovered this place a little over a year ago when it was one of the daily deals that Mamapadia was doing. You could get custom jeans for $75, which was more than 50% off. Yes, pick yourselves off the floor. Their custom jeans cost a minimum of $155, but I think it’s more like $175 now. Gasp.

I do not spend that much on my jeans. Ever. But, my mom was looking for gift ideas for birthday, Christmas, etc. So, I sent her the deal, and sure enough, she bought three: one for me, one for her, and one for my sister.

She got hers right away and was very pleased with the outcome. They get specific and ask not only your measurements, but the shape of certain body parts, your usual size, if jeans typically gape in the waist, etc. It’s quite thorough. But in addition to those details, it truly allows you to customize your jeans so they’re unique to you. You can choose the style, wash, pocket style, thread color, type of fly, width of the hem…

I just ordered mine the other day. I waited so long because I wanted to lose my baby weight and get back to my body’s comfortable and usual size. I’m there now so figured I might as well do this before the thing expires in a few months.

I’ll let you know the outcome once the jeans arrive, but so far, I think this concept is pretty awesome. Like I said, I wouldn’t typically spend that amount of jeans, but this was a special treat.

Would you try something like this? What are the perfect jeans worth to you?

Do you have your Maxi dress?

I love Maxi dresses! Three years ago I got my first Maxi dress for my honeymoon to Oregon. Since then, I’ve been in love with the things. They’re comfortable and easy to dress up or down. A great versatile piece for Chicago springs, summer nights, and even the fall.

I actually got my first one from Target since I wasn’t sure if I’d like the style. It’s simple, teal, empire waist and I’d wear it every day if I could.

I decided I need to expand my collection (and wardrobe), so I just ordered this one from Kohls.

And I know Old Navy has a bunch, too (and they have tall sizes, for you tall girls out there!). Where is your favorite place to get Maxi’s?

Spring Trend: Silver Shoes

Neiman Marcus told me that silver shoes are a spring trend. My mom told me not to believe everything that people told me, but I’ll choose to believe this one only because I’m all about metallic. Not head-to-toe metallic (though that certainly makes a statement), but metallic pieces to accent a look — they’re a fun way to modernize any outfit.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Shop silver shoes at Neiman Marcus here. My favorites from the collections:

Christian Louboutin: Lady Peep Painted Python Slingback

Vera Wang: Lavender Rox Bejeweled Thong Sandal

Yves Saint Laurent: Tribute Two-Tone Metallic Sandal