KidSnips: I’m a fan

I’m back! Phew – has life been busy?!

Little Man is already 11 months old – I cannot believe it! He was born with a lot of hair, and around 9 months or so, he started to sport what we lovingly called the “baby comb over.” I got all sentimental and didn’t want to cut his hair until he was a year, but I couldn’t wait. It was constantly getting in his eyes, growing over his ears, and I was being strongly urged by daycare and friends to just let him get a trim. So, this weekend, we did just that.

We settled on going to KidSnips because (a) their chairs look like cars (b) they’ll turn on a movie the kids can watch while they’re getting their hair cut (c) they get a balloon or prize from the treasure chest when they’re done and (d) they specialize in cutting squirmy kids’ hair. Done. Nevermind the $18 price tag. Their patience and scissor skills were worth it.

Don’t worry, the experience was well documented!

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