Cooking Classes

For the last two years, I have received cooking classes for Christmas, and I must say that I enjoy this trend. I’m always looking to improve my skills when it comes to baking, so I’ve found these classes to be a fun little crash course.

Last year, I was signed up for a cupcakes and cake balls class at the Viking Cooking School and this year, I was signed up for an artisan bread making class at Sur La Table. Both were great, but for different reasons. I think a lot of it has to do with the teacher, and I got two very knowledgeable, professional teachers. The one at Sur La Table made the class more fun and explained things in a way that anybody could understand. The one at Viking was a little more “culinary school” when it came to her teaching – she undoubtedly knew her stuff but could have lightened up just a bit.

So what cooking or baking classes have you taken? Any advice or recommendations?

Viking Cooking School

  • Very hands on
  • Knowledgeable teacher
  • You’re given a snack during the class (which sounds kind of like kindergarten, but it’s nice to get a snack when you’re there for four hours, during lunchtime)
  • You get to bring home a little bit of everything that was made throughout the class
  • You get a coupon to purchase items from the store


  • Each team makes a different recipe
  • Classes are a bit pricey

    Cupcakes from Viking Cooking School class

Cake balls from Viking Cooking School class

Sur La Table

  • Very hands on
  • Energetic, personable, very knowledgeable teacher/staff
  • Complementary espresso/cappuccino/water while you cook
  • Each group makes all the recipes
  • You get a coupon to purchase items from the store
  • Classes are less expensive than comparable classes in the area


  • You aren’t allowed to bring food home, or out of the classroom for that matter 😦
  • You don’t get a snack or anything during the class (even if the class is for four hours, during lunchtime…boo hoo)

3 thoughts on “Cooking Classes

  1. If you end up taking one from Sur la Table, let me know how it was! I was considering taking a class soon from them …. 🙂

    • I did! I took an artisan bread class that was awesome. Very informative, hands on, and full of great info and tips. Highly recommended!

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