My First Rent the Runway Experience

You might recall awhile back, I mentioned Rent the Runway – a place where you can rent designer dresses at affordable prices. After being a member of the website for a good 2+ years, I FINALLY made my first order and OMG, it far exceeded my expectations!

I didn’t actually get any of the dresses I originally posted, but I settled on these two for the family Christmas Eve party:

I ended up wearing the top dress – thank you, Christian Siriano!

I was too excited when the package arrived that I forgot to take pictures of the presentation. Man, Rent the Runway really GETS its customers! I opened the box and inside was a garment bag with my three dresses (they give you two sizes of each – but they only had one of my sizes in the Christian Siriano, which is why I even opted to add the Jay Godfrey to my order). They included Hollywood Tape to make the dresses fit if they weren’t perfect. (And if none of your dresses fit at all, you just let them know, send them back and you get a refund…and I think they might try to send you new dresses that will fit asap….)

The package also included the prepaid envelope to mail the dresses back in, and a checklist to make sure you didn’t forget anything when packaging the dresses up to send back. In addition, I received two reminder emails letting me know when my dresses needed to be returned. It really could not have been a better experience for me.

Added bonus: you get to keep the Rent the Runway garment bag 🙂 Not that I need garment bags, but it’s a nice touch.

So what was the grand total for all of that? $75. That’s it. It could have been $50 if I went with only one style, but I added the second style for $25 since I’d never done this before and wanted to make sure I had a dress to wear – that fit.

Overall, I’m a huge believer of RTR and can’t wait for my next event. Maybe next time I’ll rent some accessories or a handbag to go with the dress. I just can’t believe I waited two years to finally try this out. Do yourself a favor, ladies, start renting gorgeous designer dresses ASAP! Make 2012 the year of FASHIONABLE YOU!!

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