Straight No Chaser

With Christmas in 9 days and Hanukkah in 4 days, who is in the holiday spirit? It seems to be sneaking up on me, but I think it’s because we have no snow. I’m afraid we aren’t going to have a white Christmas, and that’s fairly unusual for the midwest.

As I let my iPod sift through 590 Christmas songs, I’m constantly reminded that there are a lot of BAD Christmas songs out there. Luckily, I have a good amount of Straight No Chaser in my holiday collection, and that seriously saves me. Straight No Chaser is an acapella group from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and they’re awesome. (Nevermind that I went to Purdue University and IU was a major rival school. I look past that, but only for these guys.) I feel like they could be quite the contender on The Sing Off, but then again, they’re already big, so they don’t need that show. Check them out if you’re looking to change up your holiday music collection!

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