Chocolate Covered Pretzels

With Christmas only 10 days away, I’m sure many of you are scrambling to get all your shopping and baking done. If you need something quick, easy, and delicious to add to your holiday cookie trays, look no further!

Hanover sells their yummy Hershey’s covered pretzels this time of year (October – April to be exact). And though they are delicious, they’re also so easy to make yourself. It’s hard for me to buy something so simple to make. Plus, I like making them myself so I can control the combinations of chocolate.


I tend to decorate my chocolate covered pretzels with more chocolate, but they can easily be spruced up with some holiday sprinkles if you prefer. I also go for the big sourdough or pretzel rod variety rather than the little twists. No matter how you decide to make these, you can’t go wrong: chocolate and pretzels are the perfect pairing!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Yield: 2 dozen

12 oz. chocolate (dark, milk, semisweet, white…I prefer semisweet)
1 tbsp shortening
2 dozen pretzel rods or large twists
Assorted sprinkles or candies (optional)
4oz. chocolate for decorating (optional)

1. Prepare a baking sheet with aluminum foil, parchment paper, or waxed paper

2. In a saucepan or double-broiler, melt the 12 oz. of chocolate with the shortening. Stir the chocolate constantly and make sure not to burn it.

3. Dip your pretzels in the chocolate, and shake off the excess. Put them on your prepared baking sheet.

4. If using sprinkles or candies, make sure to sprinkle them on before the chocolate sets.

5. If using chocolate as a decoration, wait until the first coat of chocolate sets, and make sure the entire pretzel is set before serving.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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