Pajama Jeans

I want to hate these, but I can’t. It is snuggie-esque, but I don’t care. Why didn’t anybody think of pajama jeans sooner? I’ve always been that girl who goes home and immediately puts on sweats. I just love being comfortable. When I got pregnant, I made a bad habit of going out in public wearing hoodies and comfy pants. I was undoubtedly an embarrassment to my wonderful husband who never complained (out loud or to my face). And sadly, I haven’t given up the habit post-pregnancy (sorry, Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s What Not To Wear).

I feel like pajama jeans would allow me to be comfortable while still looking socially acceptable. So I can’t help but secretly want these. The only thing stopping me from buying these is that they’re almost $50 w/ shipping handling. Meh. Now if they were $20, I’d get like four pairs in a heartbeat…

…and just admit it, you want them, too.

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