CMA Awards – My 2¢

My music taste is vast. I love me some pop punk, but I also love me some country! I can’t help it. I blame the fact that I lived in Indiana for four years. That must be what did it.

I’ll admit that I did not watch the awards in their entirety, but from the parts that I did catch, here are my 2¢…

  1. I love Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, but more times than not, I was asking myself “WTF are they wearing?!”
    I’m lookin’ at you in this one, Carrie (and I can’t find a picture of Brad’s camouflage shirt…but it was…special):

  2. I heart Sugarland. Always and forever.

  3. Luke Bryan. Two things. When did country singers decide it was OK to dance? When did you replace the cowboy hat with a baseball cap? (And WHY?! There’s something sexy about a cowboy hat…fo sho!) It’s OK. You’re still hot.

  4. The Band Perry. Where did you come from? I kind of love you, even if you sing about dying young and other tragic things. And even if you’re all 5 feet and under.

  5. Taylor Swift. Congrats on your first live performance NOT screwing up.
  6. Kellie Pickler. What happened to you?!?  I miss the American Idol version of you. You’re a hot mess now.

  7. Scotty McCreery. I loved you in American Idol and I love you after. You can sing for me anytime 🙂

  8. Leighton Meester. I love you in Gossip Girl, but why were you at the CMA Awards? Because you were in that movie about a country star? Umm, OK. P.S. Your shoes look ridiculous.

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