Rent the Runway – Designer Dresses at Affordable Prices!

I’m back!  You can thank my lovely 72-hour migraine for putting me out of commission.

Rent the Runway. Who’s familiar with this? It’s like Bag Borrow or Steal, but for designer dresses. I’ve ben a Rent the Runway member for two years but have yet to rent a dress (I know, it’s a shameful admission). The truth is, I don’t lead a fancy enough lifestyle that warrants me wearing gorgeous designer dresses. Sad.

However, I think I’m going to give it a try for the holidays this year. My entire extended family gets together for a Christmas Eve party every year, and though it tends to lean towards the business casual side of the wardrobe, I really can’t see a downside in dressing up to feel glamorous for a night. Here’s what I’m currently considering (I know, I need to narrow down my options here…suggestions welcome!!):


Pencey: Gold Rush Mini
Retail: $520; Rent: $75


Jay Godfrey: Iris Lace Sheath
Retail: $325; Rent: $50

Kate Spade: Mademoiselle Dress
Retail: $395; Rent: $50

TIBI: Black (or Navy) Zepplin Mini Shift
Retail: $363; Rent: $50


Shoshanna: My Little Secret Dress
Retail: $395; Rent: $50

How does it work?

You select the dress and/or accessories you want for a certain event. On the homepage, you enter your zip code, date you need your dress and you size (you even get a backup size if you’re unsure what size will fit). You can open the calendar on the dress page and select from the available dates. They advise you to select a rental date a day or two before your actual event. After you wear your dress (or accessory), you just mail it back in a prepaid envelope, and that’s it. RTR takes care of the dry cleaning and everything. And you know you’re getting quality dresses because once a garment even starts to look worn, they retire it. An additional perk: you can call a stylist at RTR to help you put your whole look together.

How do I sign up?
Easy. Just go to their website and you can sign up for free. Of course there are perks for referring friends as well. Though I haven’t actually rented a dress yet, I think this idea is stellar and I can’t wait to give it a shot in a month!

3 thoughts on “Rent the Runway – Designer Dresses at Affordable Prices!

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