DIY: Vanilla Extract

Apparently the food blogging trend of the day is making your own vanilla extract. I saw this exact topic on a handful of blogs I follow, so how can I not want to try it?!

I have my mason jars ready to go and just need to determine which vanilla beans to use and which alcohol. I’m leaning towards Mexican or Bourbon vanilla beans, though Madagascar beans are cheaper…
…and I can’t decide if I’ll use vodka or rum. Has anybody out there done this? If so, what did you use and what do you recommend? I also hear cheap booze is the way to go for this – true or false? I use vanilla extract mostly in my baking – so for sweet things – if that makes a difference.

I’d love some insight and direction for those of you experienced DIY-ers. Otherwise, stay tuned for an update on how this turns out in a couple months! It’ll be just in time for the holidays!

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6 thoughts on “DIY: Vanilla Extract

  1. I wrote about making vanilla extract on my blog Spoon Feast also. It is so easy and wonderful to have your never ending extract. I prefer using an American made vodka because by law, it must have no color or flavor so it is perfect for infusing with vanilla.
    If you would like, check out my blog at
    Let me know what you think! (I like your blog!)

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  3. I keep hearing about this! I have bought everything for it and am hoping to start this week or the next… Let us know how it turned out when it is ready!

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